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Confined space specialists .

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Are you working in a confined space? Do you worry that your buildings do not have anchor points, No need to worry anymore because Wayne’s High Access have a solution to your problem.

At Wayne’s High Access we deal with sign and banner installation, bird proofing, painting, window repairs, leak detection and caulking, window cleaning services, elevator shaft repairs, facade inspection, cleaning and repairs, and roof jockey hire.Our working methods permit our staff to access places that are difficult to reach without the need to use costly constructions repair units.

We guarantee quality, effective and competent work with the best level of safety always. All works are done in accordance with the New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4488) and Australia (AS/NZS 1891).Our workers are all highly trained and vary from level 1 to supervisors at level 3 and have completed first aid training. They are all put through stringent screening and all have signed to our OH&S, alcohol and drug policy. They are all independently evaluated by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Our team have a working experience of over 30 years which is well known overseas and especially in Australia. With roof jockey hire, we are able to inspect your building properly and carefully then identify maintenance and repair requirements in consideration to our customers’ satisfaction. We place strong emphasis on quality and safety.

Buildings nowadays are designed to give freshly modern classic look, with increased use of large glass spans. Considering this, use of heavy machinery is not applicable and that’s where we come in and offer maintenance and regular cleaning. We also provide full safety and engineers inspections to define the nature of the building and its safety. We then provide recommendations to our clients starting with the important ones first in the most cost efficient way possible. We can then provide our clients with solid repair programs and restoration services and solutions.

Painting, sealing, panel installation and repairs are also part of our services that we are proud to offer. If your building has stains, scraped paint, corrosion, cracks or even rising damp, don’t hesitate to give us a try. We offer competent advice as well as sound solutions to your building requirements. Elevator shafts and other HVAC related systems require maintenance, cracks, grime and erosion can causes a drop in pressure therefore causing failure in these systems.

Do you have a problem with birds? With our qualified staff we can offer safe, humane, and cost effective solution by installing bird spikes in areas that are difficult to reach. Bird proofing stops birds landing on balconies, ledges etc. we can also install bird deterrent equipment that uses light reflection to prevent birds. If you need to install banners and signs, contact us. We are able to communicate with clients and give the banner or sign rendering their specifications and graphics. If you need reliable, friendly and hardworking high access team, don’t hesitate to call us.