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IRATA Certified High Access Painting







IRATA Certified High Access Painting .

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Looking for high access painting services? Then you have come to the right place. A fresh coat of paint will make a great different to the look of your building. It will add to its value and street appeal.

Why Us

At Wayne’s High Access, we have the technical knowhow, the technology, expertise and experience to help you with all your exterior façade painting requirements. Whether it is intricate paintwork to heritage building, full façade renovations, or a simple touch-up job, we have the expert painters who will come to your assistance.

High Quality Painting and Coating Services

As approved painters of several highly recognizable products in the high access market, we have the ability to provide you with services that match your needs. Additionally, we have a wealth of experience and support emanating from our supply chain.

Our pedigree is particularly enhanced by the high access methods we employ. Therefore, you can be sure that we will reach up to your tall structures, guaranteeing minimal setup time and offering quiet services with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Ultimately, our flexibility means that we should be able to access areas that would normally be considered inaccessible, and paint them using high quality products and expert skills for the perfect finish.

Our Projects

In the past, we have undertaken projects of different sizes and scales. These include large and complex projects involving the use of various types of painting systems and paint preparations.

Similarly, our painting methods have included hand preparation, grinding, and grit blasting to ensure that every individual contract is completed to the best of our ability. Wayne’s High Access painters have also worked at heights going over and beyond 150 meters, and have successfully completed difficult and large multi level rope access projects.

In particular, we pride ourselves in our ability to undertake any kind of project and ensuring we complete it within the allocated time and budget. These projects include paint coverage measures with correct application protocols.

Our Assurance

When you contract Wayne’s high access painting services, we assure you of the highest levels of professionalism, quality work, and the use of the best materials we can find in the market. Additionally, we will follow your specifications and use different types of painting systems. These include two-pack and cyanide-based paints with full respirator PPE.

Our Commitment

We always put our clients first. Therefore, you can be sure that we will deliver the best possible high access painting services to match your needs and requirements. We are committed to quality, and we have a proven track record of successfully completing large, difficult and complex projects within budget and on time. In fact, we set our prices lower than our competitors, while ensuring that you still get the quality paint and workmanship that you deserve.

In conclusion, Wayne’s High Access has an experienced team of expert painters. We will deliver painting work of the best quality. We are also licensed in decorating and painting, and each of our rope and high access paint technicians has the rope access training skills required to complete your project. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation free color consultation and high access painting quote.